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029 – How to Collapse Your Timeframe Into A Reality You Want – Troy Assoignon – Exclusive Branding Agency

This young entrepreneur was hit hard very early in his business. Going through a $90k+deal that fell through and picking himself back up again hee was able to collapse his timeframe to success. Watch this episode to find out how and how you can do it too. About Troy: Vice President of Young Entrepreneurs Society, entrepreneur for 10 years, owner of exclusive branding agency Just launched a book called “The Mass Influence Report“.   Troy Recommends:             Get a Hold of Troy Here:...

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028 – What the Goverment Isn’t Telling Business Owners – Cherry Fajardo – Dare to Live. Dare to Be Free

Cherry not only talks about incentives and benefits the government has for small to medium business owners, she breaks down a few processes to give you practical advice on your entrepreneurial or professional journey. She has a passion for helping others and her methodical breakdowns make it so easy for anyone to start taking action on their dreams towards living courageously free now. About Cherry: I strive to live my life in FREEDOM and INDIVIDUALITY and I believe that all human beings endeavor for the same simply because we are born to be unique and free. My vision therefore...

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027 – How to Create Authenticity in Your Business – Shawna Pelton

Creating authenticity in any area of your life, including business is to not only understand your gifts and talents, but to USE them. Shawna’s personal transformation after addiction and tragedy has empowered her journey, not only to help herself, but to help you.   About Shawna: Shawna is a Transformational Coach, Metaphysical Healer, Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School. She is passionate about human potential and help people align with their authentic selves so to create positive change for a life worth living.   Shawna Recommends:           Get a Hold of Shawna Here:...

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026 – Failure is Utterly Inevitable – Eric Shapiro –

In order to succeed, you must continue to fail forward. Enjoy this episode as ghostwriter and filmmaker Eric Shapiro talks about his journey to success by going through many rejections. He believes that you need the challenge as you move towards becoming courageously free. He not only talks about his personal writing experiences, but gives insight into the mind of a true entrepreneur and that even as a writer sales conversion is just as important. Whether you need a ghostwriter, want to be a ghostwriter or just want advice from a veteran this is a great listen!   About...

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025 – How to Plan Your Year – Di Downie – A High Heels Paradox

Di Downie bares all by giving you an alternative solution to “Planning Your Year”. (Keep your ears open and notice some of the paradoxes in this episode) No… I didn’t trick you. I just wanted to give you a new toolset to create your best year ever. We’re so used to hearing about how we have to set new resolutions for the new year, but this simply isn’t true. This gets deeper into a simpler process on what to do. Keep these words in mind… Values. Needs. Tolerances. Focuses. These are the specific words that Di will dig deep...

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